SkyPack – Redefining Packaging

Skypack with years of experience in manufacturing performance laminates for medical and food applications provides laminated solutions for General purpose and high end requirements where aggressive products needs to be packed. With inhouse facility of 5Layer films we can provide combine various films together to give an innovative and cost effective solutions. While it is impossible to list down the types of laminates some of the broad categories are below:

  • ULTRAHigh Barrier Al Foil, Metallised. Aclar, Barex Based.
  • High Barrier 5 Layer Skybar (Nylon and EVOH) Based.
  • Medium and Low Barrier laminates based on PET, OPP, and PE Based.
  • Breathable Laminates based on Woven Sack and paper.
  • Highly Flexible Extrusion based laminates.
  • High Mechanical Strength PE-PE Laminates.

The above solutions are designed to cater to the following industries:

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