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In today’s world, It is vital that the 'look and feel' of packed food suggest to buyers something about the quality of the packed product. Packaging communicates at many levels with the consumer. Hence, it is a potent medium of brand communication, protection, and promotion. It is estimated that 50% of packaging consumption in the world is utilised by the food sector. This re-emphasises the fact that food processing and packaging are supplementary and complementary to each other.

So when you're looking for an easily customizable, affordable option for your products, consider our wide variety of flexible packaging options. From fresh, dehydrated, or frozen food items to processed foods or oils and even dairy products, Skypack’s packaging has got you covered.


Skypack provides Co-ex Film, laminates and pre formed pouches for packing of food staples. For products like Rice we provide preformed bags, for ATTA we provide Poly-Poly reverse printed laminates. These includes films for packing of :

  • Rice
  • Sugar & Salts
  • Atta (Flour) & Maida
  • Dal (Pulses)
  • Cereals
  • DryFruits

Click here to know about our Products for packing of above: Laminates, 3 Layer Films, 5 Layer films, Preformed Pouches.

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